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Self-esteem is important to overall well-being. When an adult is unhappy with their smile, it can become a source of embarrassment and affect their self-esteem. They may choose jobs and careers that put them “behind the scenes”. They might feel unattractive and unworthy in social situations. Many sense that if they could improve their smile, things would change. When they get the courage to change their smile, people quickly feel better about themselves, and their confidence and self-esteem skyrocket.

One of the issues that deters adults from getting that great smile is their preconceptions about braces. Adults who don’t feel good about themselves can’t bear the thought of visible braces, which might add to their embarrassment about their appearance. As much as they may want straight teeth, adults don’t want metal braces, which make them look childish and may actually damage their self-esteem while the braces are being worn.

Orthodontic Specialists of Park City is here to offer new ways to get a great smile with little or no visibility of one’s braces. New styles of braces that are currently available are:

Invisalign: These are clear plastic trays that are worn 24/7 except during mealtimes, and are good for minor corrections.

Porcelain Braces: These are tooth-colored braces that are worn like traditional braces, but are somewhat visible, they appear cosmetic from a distance.

Lingual Braces: These are totally invisible behind the teeth braces.

Braces are not solely for cosmetic purposes or enhancing self-esteem. Crooked teeth can cause some health issues, too. New research has demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between inflammation of the gums and cardiovascular disease. When teeth are straight, the health of the gums is much easier to maintain. Plus, health and well being are often affected by how one feels.

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Isn’t time you improved your self-esteem!

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