Orthodontist sponsors Mountain Trails Foundation in Park City

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Why we are proud sponsors and chose to adopt the Rusty Shovel Trail in Round Valley. MTF is dedicated to supporting,promoting and maintaining the 350 + miles of trails for non-motorized recreational use
The long-term goal of the Mountain Trails Foundation is to provide the greater Park City community and its visitors with diverse recreational opportunities. They create a year round seamless trail system, and because of it, we have one of the best trails networks in the country!
Here are the 5 reasons why we chose to donate to the Mountain Trails Foundation.
Your trail system is a coordinated and seamless effort by Snyderville Basin Recreation, Summit County, Park City Municipal and the Mountain Trails.
Mountain Trails, along with these agencies, promote, maintain and build trails for the non-motorized user.
Mountain Trails supports public education for the responsible and environmentally friendly use of trails.
Mountain Trails oversees and distributes new trail maps yearly for both winter and summer recreation.
Mountain Trails promotes responsible recreation and trail development yielding 350+ miles of trails. Our success depends on your membership.
Go to mountain trails.org to make your contribution.

See you on the trails!

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